Outdoor Furniture - Choosing the Right Kind

by Karen Faulkingham

      Here is some information that might help you if you are trying to decide on what type of outdoor furniture to purchase. Until I decided to retail outdoor furniture I really didn't know a lot about Western Red Cedar, Java Teak, Chinese Oak or PVC Rattan Wicker. I have found some interersting facts, finishing and maintenance tips that I feel are worthy of sharing.

     Western Red Cedar is a slow growing and naturally durable softwood known to North America and Canada. It produces long lengths of timber for true, straight grain. Its heartwood has natural decay resistance, making it a great choice wood for outdoor furniture. It has a great resistance to weather. Oil finishes are not recommended. Wood sealer or staining can be used but it does not require a finish to last for years. Western Red Cedar is used widely for outdoor furniture some of which include: Adirondack Chairs, Ottomans, Swings, Picnic Tables and much more.

     Java Teak is found primarily in India, Burma, Indonesia and Java. It is an extremely dense course grained hardwood. Teak is known for its durability. The high resinous oil in the timber acts as a natural insect repellent making it highly resistant to rot and fungal decay. Teal wood is naturally oily and requires no treatment to be used outdoor. You can use Teak Oil or Tung Oil that will deepen the color somewhat and will prevent stains. The use of varnish or any type of polyurethane finish or sealers are not recommended. Java Teak produces beautiful outdoor furniture such as: Chaise Loungers, Patio Tables, Patio Swings, Patio Umbrellas and more.

      Chinese Oak is a denser finer grained hardwood. Harvested at a young age across Eastern Asia through China, Japan and Korea. The heartwood is light brown and some boards have a lighter pinkish tint to them. It is more durable that Red Oak and is ideal for outdoor furniture. It has a tannic acid in its wood protecting it from fungi and insects. Staining with a light oil gives it additional weather proofing and gives it a uniform appearance. Chinese Oak produces wonderful outdoor furniture some of which are: Bistro Tables, Folding Chairs, Loveseats and more.

     PVC Rattan Wicker is maintenance free. Some importers are from China and Vietnam. Did you know wicker is a process not a material? PVC Rattan is a rigid, fire resistant, weather proof, very tough material made from 100% virgin vinyl which repels water. It will not rot or mildew. This outdoor wicker furniture is elegant enough to be used inside or out.

      I hope these interesting facts, finishing and maintenance tips for some choices of outdoor furniture, you have found helpful when deciding on what type of outdoor furniture will best fit your needs and style. As you can see these four all have great features. Each one produces beautiful and quality outdoor furniture.

About the Author

Written by Karen Faulkingham. Owner of Karen'n Connections Inc. retailer of Outdoor Wooden Furniture. Affordable and Quality Guaranteed.