Taking Care Of Your Adirondack Chair

Submitted By: Aiken Smith

     Adirondack chairs are beautiful pieces of furniture that were first developed in the early 1900ís in New York. Adirondack chairs can be used indoors or outdoors; however, they are most commonly used as outdoor furniture. For this reason an Adirondack chair needs to be properly cared for to preserve its condition from the outside weather elements.

     An Adirondack chair is a chair that is crafted out of various wood materials. Although an Adirondack chair can be made from recycled wood pieces they are most commonly made using quality wood products. This makes an Adirondack chair a valuable piece of furniture. As with anything that is of value you should take the proper steps to ensure that the items are being properly cared for and preserved.

     When an Adirondack chair is traditionally purchased from an online or offline furniture store they are often left in the traditional wood color that they were made of. It is possible to purchase an Adirondack chair that has been stained or painted a specific color; however, many Adirondack chair owners choose to do this themselves. If you are interested in painting or staining your own Adirondack chair there are some important tips that you should know ahead of time.

      If you are inexperienced in painting or staining a piece of furniture you may want to consider having your Adirondack chair worked on by a professional. It is possible to permanently damage an         Adirondack chair if it is not stained or painted properly. If you still wish to perform the work yourself you may want to ask a professional for any helpful tips or advice that you should know. You may also purchase a book from your local book store that offers you tips on painting or staining a particular piece of furniture.

     Since it is likely that your Adirondack chair will be sitting outside in the rain or sun you will want to make sure that it is properly protected. Many strainers or paints will have a special UV protection in their formula. You may want to consider purchasing those types of products because they are known to help reduce the discoloring or other damage that is often caused by the sun.

     To prevent your Adirondack chair from being damaged due to water you may wish to consider purchasing a water sealer to apply to the chair. You should seek the advice of a professional or make sure that you read all of the labels on the containers of a water sealing product. It is possible for one sealer to work with a painted chair, but not with another. Fully reading and examining the labels on each product that you intend to apply to your Adirondack chair will help ensure that you are applying the correct product.

      There are a large number of ways to protect your Adirondack chair from becoming damaged or showing signs of wear. Although it is not required you may wish to considering storing your Adirondack chairs inside and away from the always changing weather elements when you are not using them. It is quite possible that you spent a fairly large amount of money to purchase your Adirondack chair; therefore, you should use a few of the above mentioned steps to help protect it.

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