Adirondack Chairs and Beach Memories

by Kirk Mathews

Do you remember that best vacation ever at the beach, the one where you were so relaxed and just came back a whole better person for it? When you think back to memorable trips to the beach, inevitably sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows or cooking dinner over the fire while the sun goes down comes to mind. In fact, no vacation at the beach is ever complete without such absolutely perfect moments. Cozying up in an Adirondack chair while watching the fire at the beach is a typical scene for many a vacationer. That's why Adirondack chairs and beach memories go hand in hand.

You can recreate that fun, relaxing, getting away from it all feeling in your very own backyard with outdoor living rooms made up of things that evoke those beach memories. By adding a fire pit to any back yard you instantly have an area that people will be drawn to by instinct over and over again. The lure of the fire is too much for anyone to resist. It is simple to use and you can have those great campfires whenever you need that great feeling back and even when you don't.

     To really bring out that great beach feeling, use lots of Adirondack chairs for seating around the fire pit. These chairs tend to be comfortable enough to not need extra cushions or padding. They typically weather the elements well and are the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. Their wide arms even provide a place to rest your cup of hot chocolate or your hotdog. No need to even add tables to your outdoor living rooms when you use Adirondack chairs with their built in places to rest things.

     Outdoor living rooms can be customized in any way you want them to be. There are lots of other touches you can add to yours in order to emphasize that wonderful beach feeling. Place lobster pots or buoys nearby. An old boat is a fun touch too. If there is a fence nearby, hang a net with some seashells stuck in it. If you have a pathway leading from your main patio or deck to your fire pit area, generously sprinkle seashells along the path, to add to the beach memories. You may even want to invest in some super soft beach sand to go around the fire, so people can take off their shoes and run their toes through the sand. You can recreate that beach experience down to the smallest of details and make every fire a memorable experience for everyone you share it with.

     When setting up your fire pit area, Adirondack chairs and beach memories will go hand in hand. You'll hear lots of stories of "Remember when… at the beach" when you and your family and friends relax around your beach-themed outdoor living area. It'll make you feel like you're on vacation every time you go out there and enjoy the fire. Your own private campfire at the beach will be well used and well loved.

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